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2021 Georgia Topology Conference

The theme of the conference will be 4-manifolds. The conference will include 2 to 3 research talks per day, as well as several social and research activities. A trefoil bounding a surface


Important Information

Location: Online; register to receive participation link via email

Dates: June 7 - 11, 2021

Registration: Link to registration form


Any recordings will be available at our Youtube channel: Link to Youtube

Schedule and Speakers

Confirmed speakers:


Julian Chaidez Jen Hom Daniel Ruberman
David Gabai Alexandra Kjuchukova Tadayuki Watanabe
Robert Gompf Danica Kosanović Paul Wedrich
Sherry Gong Peter Lambert-Cole  
Kristen Hendricks Ikshu Neithalath  



Times below are in US Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4).

Click on the name of the speaker for the talk Title and Abstract.


We are grateful to the National Science Foundation for its generous support through grant DMS-1902670.

This conference is organized by Akram Alishahi, David Gay, Joseph Hoisington, Peter Lambert-Cole, Gordana Matić, Michael Usher, Weiwei Wu, and Melissa Zhang.